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The cold wintry night did not douse the fiery spirit of the ADFAS Shoalhaven members and visitors. It was so lovely to enjoy another night of pleasurable surprises on 29 June.

John Swainston gave an overview of the history of photography and its parallel pathways with other art forms, mainly painting. The suggestion that truth in images may face threats from AI is not such a hyperbolic concept given the sad move away from evidence-based news in other forms of media. We thank him for this compelling lecture, which was seamlessly constructed and beautifully illustrated.

Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting

Don’t miss our 31 August lecture, at 7.30pm, at Berry Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street, Berry. 

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera have iconic status in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 swept away the old regime and banished European influence in the arts. The Mexican mural movement, born during the 1920s, was destined to produce some of the greatest public art of the last century. Diego Rivera’s panoramic images adorn the walls of public buildings, his intricate visual narratives incorporate allegory and symbolism. Kahlo is arguably Mexico’s most original painter; her paintings reflect her experiences, dreams, hopes and fears. Kahlo and Rivera, in their different ways, helped to shape the cultural identity of 20th century Mexico.

Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar, author and curator, specialising in the art and culture of Latin America. In 2016 the Mexican Government awarded her the prestigious Ohtli medal to thank her for her long-standing commitment to Mexican culture. She has made collections and carried out fieldwork in Mexico and Belize for the British Museum and has published many books, with the latest ‘The Day of the Dead: A Visual Compendium’.

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Maebehe Garcia

Publicity Officer