Women’s bowls

On 19 September the second match of the Club Fours was held. As a memory jogger I will list the teams from the last edition of the Voice. They were, from Lead to Skip: Bernice Dobson, Sue Sheil, Irene Dunn, Jane Haddon; then Enid Hall, Christine Yeo, Maya McGrath, Deb Folkard; and Marjorie Wilkie, Ruth Willdig, Judy Whitton Anna Stewart. 

The match on the 19th was between Jane Haddon’s team (winners of the first round) and Anna Stewart’s team. It was a very close game, with the score being drawn three times. Anna’s team held the lead for the first 13 ends. Thereafter the lead changed hands three times, with only one or two points separating them for the last eight ends. Jane held on to the take the win by one point, 18 to 17 and win the competition outright -having won two of the three games. 

The final game on 26 September, between my team and Anna’s for second place, started off close. However, they managed to stop us from scoring on 12 of the last 15 ends! We finished on 29 to 12. Congratulations to all those who participated. The round robin format was great fun and I am sure we will continue it in future for our Club competitions, when only three teams are entered.

Our annual ‘Grange’ tournament was a huge success. We had the full complement of 28 triples teams, perfect weather, great food and no computer crashes! The winners (from first to fourth, plus AM and PM winners) were: Warilla, Sussex Inlet RSL, Sussex Inlet, Sussex Inlet RSL, St George’s Basin and Berry. 

Sadly, due to late notification and our members already having prior commitments, Berry Women’s does not have a Pennant team this year. This will mean a fairly quiet lead up to Christmas. Although we do have the mixed fours competition starting next Thursday. Plus, a few charity events. Always fun and for a good cause during the ‘Pink-Up Berry’ month. 

Until next time, happy bowling!

Deb Folkard

Men’s bowls

Zone Championships

The Area A Men’s State Open Senior and Reserve Fours were contested on 23 and 24 September. In the Senior Fours, Mark Power, Nathan Bezant, Adam Rigney and Paul Bezant lost to Huskisson Sports by 24 points to 14, and Jingles Chittick, David Badger, Tige Lidbetter and Terry Hayes went down to Nowra. In the Reserve Fours Keith Pepper, Bob Dunn and Col Agar (substitute for Rob Folkard) and Graeme Hook won their first match against Culburra by 23 points to 14. The following day I played with Bob, Keith and Graeme against Shoalhaven Heads but we lost the match by 26 points to 13.

In the Open Reserve Pairs Competition held on 8 and 9 October Graeme Hook and Rob Folkard defeated Shoalhaven Heads by 30 points to 9. However, the match against Nowra the following day was a very different story. Nowra led all the way to eventually take the match by 21 points to 12.

Singles Championship

The Berry Men’s Singles Championship is underway with Kangaroo Valley well represented. In the first round Jingles Chittick played Adam Rigney, who has won the event many times. Adam won the match by 25 points to 10. Ron Nelson started well in his match against Tige Lidbetter, but Tige gained the upper hand and eventually won the match by 26 points to 8. Bob Dunn played very well in his match against David Badger, who has also won the Club Singles event a number of times. This was a very tight match and the scores were locked at 18 all; however, David kicked away at the end to take the match by 26 points to 18.

Social Bowls

13 September – Derek Raymond, Lindsay McNamara and Terry Hayes 27; Bob Dunn, Graeme Hook and Rob Folkard 23. Ron Nelson, Tom Froggatt and Peter Heffernan 22; Darryl Goodger, Bob Burney and Bill Chittick 14.

20 September – Col Agar and Bob Dunn 24; Derek Raymond and Steve Kellett 18. Ron Nelson and Lindsay McNamara 29; Keith Pepper and Bill Chittick 13. Cut-throat game: Tige Lidbetter 18 points, Jingles Chittick 10 points and Terry Hayes 9 points.

27 September – Derek Raymond and Tige Lidbetter 28; Ron Nelson and Bill Chittick 17. Laurie Watson, Bob Dunn and Jingles Chittick 17; Bob Burney, Russell Tulloch and Steve Kellett 12.

30 September – Derek Raymond and Mark Power 35; Lindsay McNamara and Bill Chittick 18. Skippy Chittick and J. Pearman 20; M. Sulis and Tige Lidbetter 18. Jingles Chittick and Terry Hayes 18; Terry Bezant and R. Pearman 14. Bob Dunn and Nathan Bezant 27; Col Agar and Steve Kellett 19.

4 October – Ron Nelson and Tige Lidbetter 15; Laurie Watson and Col Agar 12. Bob Burney, Bob Dunn and Jingles Chittick 20; Keith Pepper, Tom Froggatt and Rob Folkard 14.

11 October – Col Agar, Steve Kellett and Tom Froggatt 18; Bob Burney, Peter Heffernan and Bob Dunn 11. Russell Tulloch and Bill Chittick 28; Darryl Goodger and Rob Folkard 24.

There are to fun social events occurring in the next two weeks with the annual ‘Chittick Day’ to be held on 21 October and the ‘Pink Up Berry Day’ on 28 October. I look forward to reporting on these events in the next issue.

Rob Folkard