September lecture

On 28 September, Dr Kathy McLauchlan presented an intriguing analysis of how Degas evolved as a painter of classical pretensions to a painter of the invigorating scenes of everyday life of the Parisians. Her slides illustrated Degas’ classical training and early influences through to his emergence as a unique artist. They clarified his exploration of lines and the rigour he applied to his compositions distinguishing him from his contemporaries. The audience was enthralled and responded warmly to Kathy’s relaxed delivery and spontaneous asides.

Special interest half day – Ancient Roots: Classical stories growing in your garden

3 November at the Berry Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street, Berry. ADFAS members $20 and $35 for Guests. Morning Tea included.

Dig deep into our gardens and their plants to discover fantastical tales of myth and legend that add life and colour to your garden plants. We travel back, over 2,000 years and more, to Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome to find the blossoming of our gardens today. Perfect as a joyous celebration of Spring, this vibrant two-lecture study day explores the ancient roots of stories, beliefs and garden design that were cultivated 2,000 years ago.

9:45am Doors open

10 – 11am Lecture 1: Blossoming Myths & Legends 
11 – 11am Morning Tea 
11.30am – 12.30pm Lecture 2: Ancient Root of Gardens 
Go to  to book a seat for this lecture. Further details of the lecture can be found at:

Scholar Gillian Hovell has worked for the BBC. She is an award-winning writer, author, international speaker and broadcaster specialising in archaeology of prehistory and ancient eras. She actively digs at major sites in the UK and Europe.

2023 ADFAS Shoalhaven Christmas Concert & Tea

Sunday, 3 December from 10am to 1pm at Berry Uniting Church Hall & Garden, 71-77 Alfred Street, Berry.

Thank you all for deciding to spend your Thursday evenings with us at ADFAS, engaging with the lecturers and one another over the past nine months, as it is through such shared experiences that we build our community. Please come and enjoy the festivities, including the four scholarship recipients performing one last time for our members. We look forward to celebrating the closing of another scintillating year together!

Maebehe Garcia

Publicity Officer