Tumbling like Stars!

Who has not heard of Katie Noonan? And nearly everyone has heard her sing! But not everyone has heard of her three companions, Fiona Cambell, Andrew Goodwin and Andrew O’Connor, even if they are some of Australia’s most delightful voices.

Australian Vocal Ensemble (AVÉ) was established in 2022 as an a capella ensemble and is about to embark on a regional tour, courtesy of Musica Viva. We are excited that they are including Kangaroo Valley! They will perform at the Kangaroo Valley Hall on 6 October at 5pm.

Adding to the galaxy of stars is author and poet David Malouf, who wrote the source poems for some of their featured songs. The program includes the David Malouf song cycle showcasing Australia’s finest composers, alongside new arrangements of Renaissance and Baroque greats Bach and Handel.

Katie Noonan explains: “For years I have been dreaming of singing in an a capella ensemble like AVÉ. Surrounded by these three truly extraordinary artists is challenging and inspiring, and I believe we’re creating a special and unique sound world that I hope will bring succour and joy. Championing and celebrating Australian sounds and stories continues to be my primary focus as a creator, and I am thrilled that AVÉ is coming to life at a time when we need the panacea of music more than ever.”

Don’t miss an opportunity to see a truly unique performance of soaring vocals as they celebrate the release of their new album ‘Tumbling Like Stars’!

Tickets are available at artsinthevalley.net.au.

Nick Minogue