Ladies’ bowls

The Minor Pairs final was sadly decided by forfeit, with one of our new bowlers having to withdraw after trying valiantly to play with a painful injury. Congratulations Bernice Dobson and Sue Shiels.

The Major Triples competition commenced on 6 June. The teams are now decided by blind draw, thereby allowing the competition to be more inclusive by mixing experienced and new bowlers together. In saying that, sometimes it doesn’t go to plan, with the blind draw delivering an all-Valley team comprising myself, Irene Dunn (second) and Marjorie Wilkie (lead). We played against Sue Shiels (lead), Cathy ColeClark (second) and Maya McGrath (skip) who had earned their place in the final with a win over Gillian Portener’s team. 

The final was a great match with all of us enjoying our moments of glory with a great shot or two. However, it was Marjorie Wilkie who displayed amazing skills for the entire game and obviously deserved the title of MVP (most valuable player) bestowed on her by her team mates when we took the match 23 to 10. A fitting reward for Marj who also recently celebrated a very special zero birthday with our members at the Club.

That is the end of our bowling year, which seems to have crept up on us, as we are still getting our heads around playing over a financial year and not finishing in December with a lovely Christmas break to enjoy! Only the joint presentation day to look forward to on 29 June before we start again in July!

Deb Folkard

Men’s bowls


Gillian Portener and Terry Bezant played Margaret and Terry Hayes in the final of the Mixed Pairs on 20 May. A dominant display by the Hayes, in which they were always in the lead, resulted in their 25 points to 12 victory. Congratulations to Gillian and Terry on becoming the 2023 Mixed Pairs Runners Up.

The Challenge Singles handicapped event, in which players are given a starting score according to their perceived level of expertise, is underway. Ron Nelson (5) scored 27 points to easily account for Steve Kellett (5) on a total of five points. Bob Dunn (2) had to give Keith Pepper (5) a three point start, but nonetheless won the match by 26 points to 14. Rob Folkard (0) defeated Col Agar (3) by 25 points to 17. Rob progresses to the final and Bob Dunn (2) and Ron Nelson (5) have to fight it out to see who plays me in the final.

The Challenge Pairs competition, in which the combined starting score of each player in a team is added together, is also underway. Jingles Chittick (0) and Bill Chittick (2) had to give Steve (5) and Brad (9) Kellett a 12-point start. Despite giving away such a start, Bill and Jingles briefly hit the lead on the tenth end. Thereafter, the father and son Kellett team found some form and a very hard-fought match ensued, which eventually went to Steve and Brad by a score of 32 points to 24. 

On 31 May, Ron Nelson and James McKinley had to give Laurie Watson and Tom Froggatt a three point start, but had no difficulty in securing a 29 point to 17 victory and a place in the Final. Bob Dunn and Rob Folkard defeated Keith Pepper and Col Agar by 28 points to 17, despite having to give them an eight-point start. In their second match on 17 June, Bob Dunn (2) and Rob Folkard (0) gave Brad (9) and Steve Kellett (5) a 12 point start, but narrowly lost the match by 29 points to 25. The upshot of all of this is that Ron Nelson and James McKinley will play Brad and Steve Kellett in the Final.

The Club Triples event, in which teams are selected randomly from the available pool of interested players, commenced on 3 June. Laurie Watson, Jingles Chittick and Terry Hayes won a nail-biter against Keith Pepper, Bob Dunn and Mark Power, eventually taking the match by 19 points to 18. 

In the match on 7 June, Col Agar, Lindsay McNamara and David Badger played a hotly contested match against Ron Nelson, Russell Tulloch and Rob Folkard. Despite the lead changing seven times during the match, David Badger’s team won the game by 20 points to 15.

Social bowls

20 May – Derek Raymond, Bill Chittick and Lindsay McNamara defeated Tom Froggatt, Bob Dunn and Jingles Chittick by 27 points to 22.

24 May – Col Agar and Bob Dunn defeated George Waddell and Tom Froggatt by 30 points to 10. Derek Raymond, Russell Tulloch and Jingles Chittick defeated Keith Pepper, Bill Chittick and Terry Hayes by 18 points to 17.

31 May – Russell Tulloch and Terry Hayes defeated Mark power and Tige Lidbetter by 35 points to seven. Derek Raymond, Bill Chittick and Lindsay McNamara defeated David Badger, Steve Kellett and Jingles Chittick by 20 points to seven.

3 June – Tom Froggatt and Rob Folkard defeated Derek Raymond and Lindsay McNamara by 21 points to 16.

7 June – Tony van Zanan and Terry Hayes defeated Mark Power and Tige Lidbetter by 20 points to 10. Derek Raymond and Jingles Chittick defeated Laurie Watson and Bill Chittick by 30 points to 25. Tom Froggatt and P. Heffernan defeated Keith Pepper and Bob Dunn by 25 points to 17.

14 June – Col Agar and S. Pottie defeated Laurie Watson and Bill Chittick by 29 points to 19. Mark Power and Terry Hayes defeated Jingles Chittick and David Badger by 23 points to 19. Keith Pepper and Rob Folkard defeated Ron Nelson and Steve Kellett by 27 points to 13.

Rob Folkard