ADFAS Shoalhaven earns a National Honour

ADFAS (Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society) Young Arts scholarships embrace student participation across the arts, including literature, music, photography, sculpture, dance, theatre and fine arts.

Pauline Hopkins is a UK representative of NADFAS and was a regular visitor to Australia. In 2008, Pauline donated a silver presentation cup in recognition of the contribution ADFAS societies make to young arts in their communities.

The Pauline Hopkins Cup is awarded annually by the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Association to a society which has sponsored a particularly innovative Young Arts Program in its local district. 

In 2022 with the support of the Shoalhaven Committee and the Raffle Prize of a two-night stay, plus a candlelight dinner at the Garden Hill Retreat, residence of the Co-Chairs, Nicholas and Rosalind Drake, ADFAS Shoalhaven donated $2,000 to the Board of the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra (SYO). We are pleased to have contributed to the SYO’s music program to 25 primary schools in the Shoalhaven. 

In November 2021, Rosalind Tan Drake approached the Manager of the SYO to initiate the partnership. Members and visitors who attended the ADFAS Shoalhaven Christmas Tea were treated to a splendid festive recital by the Shoalhaven Junior Strings (SJS) led by Conductor Jacob Antonio. Throughout the year, the talented and passionate young musicians practised hard to delight our senses. It culminated with the beautiful recital of the SJS at our Christmas Tea in December 2022. 

Winning the 2022 Pauline Hopkins Cup is an honour we acknowledge. Supporting the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra (SYO) and enjoying the musical recitals provided by the principal players and the SJS is a privilege and a delight we savour. We want to thank the Board of the SYO for this amazing partnership and the young musicians for their hours of practice in 2022.

We are confident that winning this national honour will spur the Shoalhaven community to continue to nurture the talents and passions of so many young arts students in Shoalhaven. We want to thank every member and visitor of 2022 for your generous donations!

Rosalind Tan Drake