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Bowls Update

Norfolk Island

We have just returned from an, all too short, holiday on Norfolk Island. Whilst there we visited the ‘Norfolk Island Bowling Club’ (NIBC) and received a very warm welcome, as we did everywhere we went on the island. We played social bowls on Wednesday, which unfortunately was washed out after 10 ends. Nonetheless, we had a great time and enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie of all involved – traits that we are very familiar with in Kangaroo Valley. We were also very fortunate to return to the NIBC when their Commonwealth Games Bowling Team received their uniforms for the Games. Like Kangaroo Valley, Norfolk Island is a community that is used to looking after itself and punches well above its weight in every respect. As an example, this tiny community has previously won medals at the Commonwealth Games for Lawn Bowls – a huge achievement. We would like to wish them well in their endeavours at the Commonwealth Games and thank all at the NIBC for their friendship and eagerness to include us, especially Trevor Gow, Tim Sheridan and Kate Smith. We took the opportunity to have a photo taken with the teams. Deb and I are also keen to return to Norfolk Island in the future, with a small team to play in one of their tournaments.

Men’s bowls


In the first round of the Club Singles, Nathan Bezant won his match against ‘Jingles’ Chittick by 31 points to 14 and Adam Rigney defeated Mark Power 31 points to 17.

The Challenge Singles (handicapped event) commenced with Ron Nelson (starting on six) defeating Keith Pepper (seven) by 21 points to seven. Darryl Goodger (five) was victorious over Col Agar (5), winning 21 to 15. Bob Dunn and I played an absolute nail-biter. With both of us starting on four points, the race to 21 should have been a quick affair, but the stubbornness of both of us came to the fore. The lead changed constantly and the score was tied, for the fifth time, at 20 all going in to the final end. Throughout the last end the lead changed with nearly every shot and we both thought that the other was holding the shot at the end. Luckily for me, a very close measure went my way on this occasion. I am looking forward to playing with Bob as my partner in the Challenge Pairs.

The Challenge Pairs competition also commenced with a game between Tom Froggatt and Laurie Watson against Ron Nelson and Darryl Goodger. This very close match was tied on end 20, but eventually went to Tom and Laurie with a final score of 18 points to 17. In the other match Deb Folkard and Terry Hayes won a very hard fought match against Lindsay McNamara and Nathan Bezant by 26 points to 20.

Social bowls

Kangaroo Valley was well represented at social bowls as usual. The following are the results of social bowls matches in the past month:

15 June – Derek Raymond and Jingles Chittick defeated Darryl Goodger and ‘Tige’ Lidbetter. Keith Pepper, Ron Nelson and Col Good defeated Barry Dunn, Tom Froggatt and Lindsay McNamara. Col Agar, Bill Chittick and Rob Folkard defeated Peter Haddon, Rob Reid and Bob Dunn.

18 June – Bob Dunn and Mark Power defeated Graham Hook and Rob Folkard. Col Agar and Terry Hayes defeated Deb Folkard and David Badger. Ron Nelson, Tom Froggatt and Rob Reid defeated Derek Raymond, Barry Dunn and Lindsay McNamara.

22 June – Derek Raymond and Col Good defeated Darryl Goodger and Bill Chittick. Peter Haddon and Bob Dunn defeated Barry Dunn and Jingles Chittick.

25 June – Peter Haddon, Col Agar and Terry Hayes defeated Keith Pepper, Darryl Goodger and Bob Dunn.

29 June – In a game of ‘cut-throat’ Jingles Chittick defeated David Badger and Terry Hayes. Peter Haddon and Bill Chittick defeated Derek Raymond and Lindsay McNamara. Keith Pepper and Col Agar defeated Barry Dunn and Col Good.

Ladies’ bowls

I spoke too soon! If it isn’t Covid interrupting our schedule, then it is the weather. Due to the incredible amount of rain our greens were unfit to play on. Therefore, our ‘Town of Trees’ tournament had to be cancelled. Thankfully, nearly all of the intended teams have transferred their entries to our ‘Grange’ tournament, set for 21 October. Let’s hope this one can proceed.

The Minor Singles competition is to begin on 19 July. I look forward to reporting on this event in our next report.

Penny Rose

In closing it is with a very heavy heart that I would like to comment on the very sad passing of our friend Penny Rose. Penny had only been with our club for a couple of years prior to Covid putting a halt to our usual routine. Even in that short amount of time Penny had quickly become everyone’s friend, with her wonderfully wicked and cheeky sense of humour. We were always laughing with her, she was so much fun. A few of her bowling highlights included being the runner up in the Minor Singles Championship and defeating the reigning Major Singles Champion in the first round of the Major Singles Championship. Then there was the Penny who didn’t hesitate to step up and get things done. Penny took on the job of Treasurer when the committee was struggling to fill the position. During Covid Penny kept us in touch with each other by organising zoom meetings, even to the point of organising an iPad for one of our older members who was struggling with being so isolated and missing the friendship she had known through her bowls and church communities. Nothing was too much trouble for our Penny. Thankfully, Penny had time to be with her family before she was so quickly taken from us. Her family have since told me that she often mentioned that her bowling days were some of her happiest and most special memories. These were happy days for us too, because of Penny. We will miss her terribly.

                                                                                                                                           Rob and Deb Folkard



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