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How do I know if I am a member?

Go to the boundary map page and see if your residential or business address exists within the KVCCB boundary. If it does, you are automatically a member. If not, you are not a member.


How do I get an agenda item added for a meeting?

If you are a member, you can email your request to and if it is within the remit of the KVCCB, it will be added to the agenda. You need to provide new agenda items to the secretary at least 21 days before the meeting. If you are unable to meet this deadline, your agenda item will most likely be held over until the following meeting.


Who can vote on motions at the meetings?

Anyone who is a member can vote. The presiding member of the meeting has a casting vote should there not be a clear outcome.


How do I know when meetings are on?

The meeting schedule is published on the KVCCB home page. Meetings are also published on the Kangaroo Valley Community Facebook page, the KVCCB Facebook page, the Community Notices email list and on the Community Notice Board located outside the KV Post Office.