Preschool News

The final weeks of the 2023 preschool year are upon us. 

The children have been planting sunflower seeds in paper pots that they decorated themselves. The seeds were gently placed on cotton wool, and watered with eye droppers. The children watched the tiny plants emerge from the seeds, then they took their seeds home to plant in the garden. Will there be a big crop of sunflowers in KV this summer?

The new wobble mat has been a source of great delight as the children jump, balance and roll and relax. They have found lots of ways to move and play on this wavy surface.

The oldest children have had school transition visits to the kindergarten class. Miss Arnott and Mrs Page welcomed them into their new learning space, and the children returned from each visit with big smiles.

The preschool has two new pupils – they are a very festive pair. We would like to thank the Cochrane family for enrolling these delightful ‘Gingerbread Children’. They will certainly light up our Christmas celebrations!

The Preschool end of year events are being organised – there will be a visit from the hilarious ‘Magic Jester’ and a party morning tea. The big children will have a special presentation ceremony to mark their transition to big school.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at the Preschool.

Jacinta Perry