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Your local club has secured a supply of the Emergency Information Booklet that will be available shortly. The club is selling them for $2 each, and if you want one you will need to be quick to get them before stocks run out. Please place your order via email kvlionsclub@gmail.com or let one of us know.

The Emergency Medical Information Book contains all of your information and medical records which is needed if or when an ambulance is called, and you need to be transported to a hospital. This small book contains patient contacts, service or carer provider information, medications and any medical condition, so a paramedic is able to treat and ready a patient for transport to a hospital.

Keep an eye out for the Christmas cakes and puddings. This year we will be selling the 1kg cake, 900gram pudding and the single serve minis. The cakes and puddings are $16 each and the single serves are $2 each. They will be available at the usual outlets: General Store, Red Shed and Post Office.

The Youth Group has been very busy providing support to our youth. They have been involved with crafts, sporting and other outdoor activities. Well done, Kirsty! 

For over 40 years, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) has been providing to Australians who are deaf or hard of hearing a set of ‘furry ears’ free of charge. In 2020, ALHD delivered just over 650 Australians a professionally trained Hearing Assistance Dog.

One in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss and this number continues to rise. Currently, more than 400,000 Australians are suffering from severe or profound hearing loss. Factors impacting these difficulties range from our ageing population to noise or occupation-induced hearing loss. A study from the University of Melbourne states that around 350 children are born with permanent hearing loss each year.

Hearing difficulties hurt more than just the individuals inflicted, it flows onto their friends and families. This is where Australian Lions Hearing Dogs makes a real difference.

Your club is keen to get involved with other groups, so if you have ideas please let one of us know.

A reminder about table tennis – on Wednesdays from 4pm. Come and have a hit – it is fun.

During September we had the District Governor executive team visit and had a lovely time with David McKenna. Seen here is David (our President) receiving the pin and certificate from David McKenna. Also to receive the pin were Karen Barker, Kirsty Hambrook and Gayle Harvey.

Lorraine Mairinger

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