Kangaroo Tales - The Book

Editor's note:

Joan Bray commenced Kangaroo Tales in the Valley Voice some 10 years ago. Her collected stories will be launched on November 12.

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Kangaroo Valley is a small village with a population of about 700 people.

Tourists are attracted to the area because of the natural beauty and relaxing country activities, but there is another side to this picturesque township: the history.

BrayThe Valley was called ‘Parronrah' by the aboriginal people, ‘The Kangaroo Ground' by the explorers, early cattlemen and cedar getters and Kangaroo Valley by the dairy farmers who followed in the C19th.

It continues to evolve as a vibrant and diverse community.

Many of the descendants of the early settlers still live in the Village and surrounding properties and they have wonderful stories to tell. These reminiscences and the histories of their forebears is both entertaining and informative and provide a time line back to the pioneering days and a valuable historical record. There are many villages in the Shoalhaven with interesting stories of past events and people: this capsule of Kangaroo Valley personalities is an example of human endeavour and co-operation that shaped all these communities and are factors in their continued success.

The ‘Tales' are interviews with the prominent pioneering families in the area, the changing streetscape since the C19th, the timber industry, the annual Show, Community workers and stories gleaned from reading old correspondence written by early settlers. 

Then I realised the Valley was more than that: it was attracting a new breed of ‘settlers' and they had stories to tell.

Geologists, Musicians, Entertainers, Designers, Sportsmen, Scientists, Artists, Viniculturist, Orchardists and Survivors from the human tragedy of WW11 are all part of the eclectic mix of Kangaroo Valley.

‘Kangaroo Tales' will entertain the reader with good humour and empathy for the men and women whose stories appear here.

Well researched facts and figures can relate the historical significance of a township, but it is the people and the vibrancy, colour and emotion of their cherished memories that give it a heart and soul.                                  Joan Bray 





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