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Kangaroo Valley Preschool News

News from the preschool - monthly report.


February 2014

The new year has begun. Fourteen of our 2013 preschoolers are off to big school this year.

They have developed their skills and knowledge over their years at preschool and are now moving on to the next stage of their education.

Last year’s young pre-schoolers now become the “Big Kids” and we are welcoming some new faces to our preschool.

A new year of learning begins!

Have you seen the “Jackson Pollock” inspired kangaroo in town?

That one was painted by our pre-schoolers. We had a good look at “Blue Poles” then created our own artwork (using a much simpler technique of course).

We also created a hand-printed kangaroo to help decorate the town.

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the community painted kangaroo project.

The community continues to be a wonderful support in bringing preschool education to the children of Kangaroo Valley.

A preschool is an expensive professional service to deliver, which is not fully covered by the state government funding, so fees must be charged to families using the service.

The fund-raising covers the many extras that help keep the preschool and its building and grounds safe and attractive, as well as allowing for the provision of a wide variety of learning materials and experiences for the children.

The preschool would like to thank everyone who organised and supported the Kangaroo Valley Gentlemen’s Golf Day.

We are most grateful for the generous donation of $2000.

Thanks also to Sean Kramer and the pantomime team.

“Snow White & the King’s Ransom” was lots of fun to be involved in and raised around $1400 for the preschool. 

Our next major goal is to establish a preschool website.

The money raised from these events will enable us to set up this 21st century essential item, as well as begin to upgrade some of our aging outdoor play equipment.

Thanks everyone!


Thanks also to all who support the preschool pub raffle on Friday nights.

There are some loyal regular ticket buyers who never say no to a punt on winning the meat tray.

The pub raffle has enabled us to purchase special items such as bark mulch to tidy the gardens, dolls and dolly beds, paints and other craft materials.

It is a wonderful support to our tight budget.

Thank you Kangaroo Valley community!

Jacinta Powel